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Try different paintings at home before you buy!

It can be difficult to imagine how a work of art will look at home.

How will the shape, color and feeling be in the environment you have envisioned?!

You have the opportunity to take home a couple of paintings to see what will be the best. 

Through 30 years as an artist, I have sold thousands of works of art and it makes me happy that so many customers come back again and again!

Who are my customers?

  • people who want a work of art that creates reflection and gives joy
  • people who want art that binds the home together with a color scale and motif that is harmonious
  • people who feel that my exhibitions are an inspiring experience - a place where conversation, laughter and a shared moment around being human is possible and natural!
  • my clients often tell me how the relationship to a painting develop and deepen over time


Regardless of where we come from and how different we may be, there is also a lot we have in common. 

When I paint, I find inspiration in it
big magical and in the smallest right in front of us
- in the infinity of space, in the formations of the rivers
seen from above, in the bark of the tree that has it
most beautiful structure, in the light seen dancing
over the ground, in the meeting between two people,
in the feelings that come and go in a beautiful
flow and in the shapes of the cells present
inside you and inside me.  

I look at what nature does and am again and again inspired:
Nature dares to bloom to the maximum, it dares to put everything in, it dares to let go in autumn and transform. It dares to wither to let new things grow again when the time is right. 

Imagine if we would all dare to do this.... stand strong in our power, not compare ourselves to each other, step into the courage to transform and together enter the new again and again!


"Being curious, permissive & loving with what's going on inside you. 

Knowing that within lies the power to change.

To feel that we are the same inside despite all our differences.

When you close your eyes and shut out the outside world, another world opens up with new dimensions that support you in meeting yourself"

Carmen Faunbäck
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