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Get your own Personal Mandala

- a universal reflection of you

Personal Mandala can be used in the following ways:

  • For personal development

  • In your love relationship - get a couple mandala

  • Present at birthdays and transitions (such as weddings, confirmations, reorientation, etc.)

  • Gift for children or grandchildren

A Personal Mandala always comes with a

detailed description of all symbols

& suggestions for focus in life

"A gift for my two beloved grandchildren, it was also a gift for the parents. Incredibly beautiful and personal. These paintings will follow my darlings all their lives. The best gift I have ever given!"

Grandmother, to her grandchildren

"It was such a beautiful moment on our first morning as a couple. Our relationship woven into a beautiful mandala. It's a balanced and harmonious image that really captured our relationship"

Bridal couple

"My friend was really happy and touched to receive such a personal gift. Nice to give as a friend in a long friendship"

Woman to her friend

"It captures parts of me that I myself have not been able to see and describe in a similar way. A humble interpretation of my innermost being and guidance in life"

Man, gift to himself after divorce

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol, the word is Sanskrit which loosely translated means "circle" or "center". The mandala represents the whole and can be seen as a map or spiritual picture of "the universal order".

The mandala shows our relationship with the infinite, the world that extends both within us and far beyond our bodies and minds.

Mandala is a structure that is organized and united around a core. It a circular imprint with a center point - a center that holds and points to the endless circular patterns and other symmetrical patterns that we can see everywhere in nature: in the nucleus of the body's cells, in the pristine design of a snowflake, the sun, the moon and the earth, as well as in the circular rhythm of seasons and also of breathing. It also shows circles of friends, family and community. A microcosm in a macrocosm where everything returns in the small as well as in the large.



What is the purpose of a personal mandala?

I offer the mandala creation because it has a meditative effect and is a powerful symbol that you can use to flourish, embrace all sides of you and dare to be you even more. I have used the mandala's message as a tool in personal development for many years.

The personal mandala I draw for you will reflect where you are, your potential, vitality and a universal love that exists in nature and in all of us. The mandala is beautiful to look at and its symbols will remind you of calmness, clarity, and your inner strength & wisdom. The mandala is full of symbols and different levels that mysteriously intertwine with each other.


How do you get your own mandala?

1) You contact me and order your mandala - or a mandala you want to give as a gift


2) You receive via email some short but deep questions, where you send the answers back to me. Here you can also make requests regarding symbols and the design of the mandala if you wish. You work a little differently with the questions depending on whether the mandala is for yourself, for another or for you in a relationship.


3) I create the mandala in a meditative process using the answers I received and my knowledge in psychology and spirituality. The mandala "has a life of its own" and comes about with the help of both of us listening inwardly and "allowing" it to be created. You open to creation through the answers to the questions you received from me, and I open to the mandala by listening carefully to your answers and creating based on meditative creativity. The mandala is in black/white and drawn on thick quality paper. It is drawn on A3 paper. It can be with or without words depending on wishes.


4) You pick up your mandala or I send it to you by post. Together with the mandala, you get some concrete exercises and descriptions made specifically for you, as well as a detailed interpretation of all the symbols.


How much does a Personal Mandala cost?

Your mandala costs SEK 2,450 (plus possible postage).

Below you can see some different examples of Personal Mandala; as a supplement to the mandala, you also get a deep description of everything you see in the circle and suggestions for focus/meditations/exercises.

Examples of personal mandalas

Podcast about mandala & Jung's psychology.
Interview with Carmen Faunbäck starts at 7:20 

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